Therapeutic Exercise Database

The therapeutic exercise environment may be the last bastion for bridging movement experiences directly with patient functional needs in a manner that truly fulfills expectations and quality-of-life potential. However, therapists may not have received adequate education in developing a basic therapeutic exercise prescription, much less well-designed strength and conditioning programs. This potentially generates a large dilemma for the profession that desires to “own the human movement system.” (Nyland, 2015)

I created this page as a resource for PT students and clinicians who want to spend some time learning principles of therapeutic exercise with a grudging nod to those looking for specific exercise inspiration. I firmly believe that it is vital to have an understanding of principals within a framework to guide the prescription. The specific exercise matters very little if the framework is missing. Never add an exercise without a specific reason for doing so. “Something different” is rarely justifiable simply for that reason. That said – the following is a list of resources I have curated on the topic. (This is currently an ongoing project – check back for more )

Please note – this is intended for informational purposes only to help inform the clinical process. Exercise your clinical decision making and know what you need before adding an exercise. I would encourage everyone to read through the resources in the clinical framework section. Many of them are excellent.


Therapeutic Exercise Resources

Ther-Ex Infographics My go-to exercise database Sports Med Position Statements

Clinical Framework

Excellent article laying the foundation behind exercise prescription. Well worth the read.

Applying S&C principals to rehab: Dan Lorenz and Mike Reiman discuss this topic in depth.

Periodization in Rehab: Dan Lorenz and I review current concepts in periodization and its application to rehab

These next articles are essential reading for determining dosage and understanding the thought process behind it:

Tissue Homeostasis Model

Physical Stress Theory

Optimal Loading – Great paper on determining appropriate load.

Relevant YouTube Channels

Sports Kongres – incredible resource from last year that will likely be updated.

ASPETAR – not much more needs to be said. You will find something relevant to what you do.

Return to Play – First International Sports Physiotherapy Conference – November 20-21, 2015, Bern, Switzerland

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