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An Introduction to Loading: Clinical Application of Auto-Regulatory Periodization

In part 1 I discussed the foundations of exercise prescription and introduced the concept of autoregulatory periodization. The following is my interpretation of a practical application of these concepts to rehabilitation. There have been many who influenced my views on this, but Mel Siff’s, Matt Perryman’s, and recently Mladen Jovanovic’s writings on this topic have… Continue reading

An Introduction to Loading: Foundation & Principles

Physical therapy is defining itself around movement, and therapists are increasingly identifying themselves as movement practitioners. Because of this, an understanding of motor control should influence our clinical decision-making. A constraints-based view of movement allows us to discuss movement as emerging from the interaction of three major constraints: The environment The task The individual What… Continue reading

Moving Beyond the Exercise: Exercise Prescription and Clinical Reasoning

In the book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the people ask a supercomputer, “What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?” The computer takes a very long time before finally replying, “42.” When those asking the question complained that this was a terrible answer they were told, “The problem, to be quite… Continue reading

Sports Team Concept Conference 2012 #tcc2012

  Another very informative live tweeting event I participated in was at the 2012 Sports Team Concept Conference. There is some great information and links in the stream. Click here for a comprehensive compilation of that conference.  

Patrick Ward Seminar #Drive495 – 2013

Created by Scot Morrison These are the live tweets I did during the private seminar Patrick did at Drive #495. It was a great learning experience and I wanted to put my take away points down somewhere. So here it is. Please note this is only what I tweeted so you will not see the… Continue reading

A look at the Role of Movement in relation to Pain

(Originally published on   The topic of movement and its relationship with pain is one that I find intriguing. I recently presented on this topic at my current clinic and thought it was a topic that deserved to be shared with a broader audience. This is not exhaustive by any means but does touch… Continue reading