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The Repeated Bout Effect: A Defense of the Yellow TheraBand

When it comes to dealing with DOMS time seems to be the only good method available. Things like exercise, massage, ice, and etc don’t appear to be that beneficial3. The single best way to reduce DOMS is to have previously trained at a level that prepared the body for the current workload. DOMS is something that… Continue reading

Private Pay PT FAQ

I get a decent number of people asking me about my private practice and for some tips on starting a small private pay (out of network) practice. This is definitely not my area of expertise, but I have put some time and effort into it, and have discovered a few things that seem to have worked… Continue reading

Deadlifts and Back pain

Deadlifts and Back pain I did this based on a somewhat tongue in cheek discussion but it has been well received. While there is absolutely a case to be made for isolated loading this doesn’t mean that more full body lifts shouldn’t be performed as well. Enjoy!

Goldilocks, Bayes Theorem, and the Clinical Search for Optimal Load

Models of Loading Tissue Homeostasis Dr. Dye extensively described the tissue homeostasis model in relation to patellofemoral pain, but it can be extrapolated to other areas.4,7,8 In brief, this model proposes that many clinical issues can be related to a disruption of the local tissue’s homeostasis due to exposure to stress beyond its adaptive ability…. Continue reading

An Introduction to Loading: Foundation & Principles

Physical therapy is defining itself around movement, and therapists are increasingly identifying themselves as movement practitioners. Because of this, an understanding of motor control should influence our clinical decision-making. A constraints-based view of movement allows us to discuss movement as emerging from the interaction of three major constraints: The environment The task The individual What… Continue reading