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Testing: “Soleus” Torque

If you have access to an isokinetic dynamometer test eccentrically at 90 d/s with knee at 80 degrees of flexion per O’Neil. If you have a HHD you can use a strap to secure it over the knee while seated as in the video below. O’Neill, S., Barry, S., Watson, P., Plantarflexor strength and endurance… Continue reading

Testing Knee Extension Torque

“Hey Scot, I read Erik Meira’s blog post/talked to Terry Grindstaff/saw a tweet from Matt Ithurburn/woke up angry and now realize that testing quad strength is something I actually DO want to do. I now tell everyone that “there is guessin’ & then there is assesin’” and I want some certainty in my life. So… Continue reading

“The answer is 21”

In the classic book Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglass Adams the number “42” was given as the answer to a question that wasn’t well defined. When those asking the question complained about the answer they were told that the problem was they didn’t actually understand what they were asking. “Once you understand the… Continue reading