Foundational Principles

Mini ExRx Lecture Series

This group of presentations is designed to address specific points quickly and clearly in an applied manner.

Foundational Concepts

Here are a few excellent papers going over principles of theraputic exercise prescription. I highly encourage reading them.

Optimal Loading Principles

These articles are essential reading for determining dosage and understanding the thought process behind it:

Energy System Development

While this is often ignored, maintaining requisite competencies in athletes is vitally important.

Handout Downloads

Here are some of the handouts I have made to give out to patients and physios.

Recommended Books

There are many other great texts but these give a solid foundation.

Practical Application

My Relevant Blog Posts

Here are some of the key areas that I have written about around therapeutic exercise.

Set & Rep Schemes

Mladen did an amazing job on this article. It should be required reading.

Strength & Conditioning Principles Database

This is an exhaustive database of information on principles of exercise prescription. Chances are you that you will find your question answered in here.

More Resources:
Youtube Channels
Rehab Exercise Database/HEP programs