Hello. I am a Physio.a Strength Coach.an Educator.a skeptic.

This website offers a look at what I do professionally, and provides education with a Therapeutic Exercise emphasis. It is a collection of thoughts, ideas, and resources. Enjoy!


Ther-Ex Database

This page is a database of curated information specific to exercise prescription for the Physio. Updated regularly.

Where I Work

To work with me in the Portland area please contact me via the clinic link here or send me an email

About Me

Want to know about my education, professional philosophy, or see research and podcasts from me?

Professional Services Provided

Our return to play testing process offers a comprehensive battery of tests that few other clinics can provide. With the ability to quantify abilities via dual force plates, isokinetic testing, and other objective testing you will finish with a plan for addressing specific deficits that may be a risk factor for re-injury. The following link gives a comprehensive review of the services offered.

Return to Play Testing

During this 2-3 hour session a full examination and assessment is performed along with extensive time spent on developing a plan of care and education. This is ideal for out of town consultations on problematic cases. Follow-up via email is included as needed to ensure there is a seamless transition into the plan of care and all questions are answered.

I provide home based, concierge treatment to patients who are looking for the highest quality of care in a comfortable environment without the constraints and frustrations often found in traditional models. Please note that this service is provided by PhysioPraxis and is out of network with all insurance. Contact me if you would like to discuss this approach to managing your health.

For individual training I provide a detailed program based on your fitness goals after an interview and testing process. I use a variety of methods to maintain constant feedback loops so that the programming is responsive to your needs as they change. This training includes email and phone access as well as skype sessions as needed.

I teach a course focusing on exercise prescription in the clinical setting titles “Sloptimal Loading: ExRx for the Rehabilitation Professional. See link for information and schedule (use contact form if you would like to host)

I am also available to provide inservice training to sports medicine and rehabilitation groups on the topics of Exercise prescription, return to play management, and integrating strength and conditioning principals into rehabilitation. CEU’s available on a limited basis. Contact me to set up a program that fits your teams needs.

In addition I teach a course on applied strength and conditioning for rehab professionals with Erik Meira. Follow this link for more information on locations and schedule.

Contact me any of the above services

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Available for consulting & personal programming on a limited basis. For more information please contact me at scot@physiopraxis.co