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An Introduction to Loading: Foundation & Principles

Physical therapy is defining itself around movement, and therapists are increasingly identifying themselves as movement practitioners. Because of this, an understanding of motor control should influence our clinical decision-making. A constraints-based view of movement allows us to discuss movement as emerging from the interaction of three major constraints: The environment The task The individual What… Continue reading

Moving Beyond the Exercise: Exercise Prescription and Clinical Reasoning

In the book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the people ask a supercomputer, “What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?” The computer takes a very long time before finally replying, “42.” When those asking the question complained that this was a terrible answer they were told, “The problem, to be quite… Continue reading

Maitlaind MT-O Course

     On my last weekend in FL before beginning the hike out to my new life in Vancouver, WA I had the opportunity to take the MAPS MT-O course in Orlando. This course was developed exclusively by Chad Cook and like all of his other work it was excellent. I appreciate the fact that… Continue reading

Sports Team Concept Conference 2012 #tcc2012

  Another very informative live tweeting event I participated in was at the 2012 Sports Team Concept Conference. There is some great information and links in the stream. Click here for a comprehensive compilation of that conference.  

Patrick Ward Seminar #Drive495 – 2013

Created by Scot Morrison These are the live tweets I did during the private seminar Patrick did at Drive #495. It was a great learning experience and I wanted to put my take away points down somewhere. So here it is. Please note this is only what I tweeted so you will not see the… Continue reading

A look at the Role of Movement in relation to Pain

(Originally published on   The topic of movement and its relationship with pain is one that I find intriguing. I recently presented on this topic at my current clinic and thought it was a topic that deserved to be shared with a broader audience. This is not exhaustive by any means but does touch… Continue reading