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Goldilocks, Bayes Theorem, and the Clinical Search for Optimal Load

Models of Loading Tissue Homeostasis Dr. Dye extensively described the tissue homeostasis model in relation to patellofemoral pain, but it can be extrapolated to other areas.4,7,8 In brief, this model proposes that many clinical issues can be related to a disruption of the local tissue’s homeostasis due to exposure to stress beyond its adaptive ability…. Continue reading

An Introduction to Loading: Foundation & Principles

Physical therapy is defining itself around movement, and therapists are increasingly identifying themselves as movement practitioners. Because of this, an understanding of motor control should influence our clinical decision-making. A constraints-based view of movement allows us to discuss movement as emerging from the interaction of three major constraints: The environment The task The individual What… Continue reading

Val Nassedkin Presentation Notes

Here are the notes I took from the 2012 CVASP Seminar during Val’s lecture. Click the link below to get a PDF complete with my iPad inspired illustrations. This was a very interesting presentation with a lot of take home points that I found beneficial. Also  Val is a great presenter – if you get… Continue reading

Fall Risk: Impact & Intervention

(Originally posted on Some quick stats: Fall-related medical costs totaled $30 billion in 2010 after being adjusted for inflation.1 About 1 out of every 3 adults past the age of 65 falls every year. The incidence increases with age and many of these falls result in injury.2 About 1/3 of those who fall fear… Continue reading