Maitlaind MT-O Course


   On my last weekend in FL before beginning the hike out to my new life in Vancouver, WA I had the opportunity to take the MAPS MT-O course in Orlando. This course was developed exclusively by Chad Cook and like all of his other work it was excellent. I appreciate the fact that the course was not full of anecdotal interventions and techniques based on the authors preferences but instead it gave a very thorough look at our current body of knowledge. The course description can be read by following this link MT-O

The course is a good two days that helped drive home some things that I hadn’t been doing quite as well. The basics are considered to be basic for a reason -they happen to be very important. Ignoring them does your patients a huge disservice and will severely limit your abilities as a clinician. Spending time practicing the “easy” things is probably a lot more important than we usually think.  Apparently this course was added because most clinicians testing for their certification as a manual therapist were noted to be weakest in these areas. I would suggest that clinicians who are driven enough to get to that point represent the right side of the bell curve. There are likely many possible reasons that the instructors noticed this trend but I know that I left the course with a renewed commitment to constantly refining foundational knowledge.